My turn to be the Bride.. (wedding morning)

By Stacey Crossley, Jan 12 2015 12:23PM

So here goes for my first ever blog! Hopefully the first of many....

As a former bride myself, I spent hours and hours trawling the net for blogs, images, tips and ideas, all for my big day. I was lucky that, in my profession, I could get ideas from the many brides I had the pleasure of meeting. From table details to colour schemes, music and finding the perfect fragrance to even how to act on the day in order to be the perfect bride!

When the day comes along you realise that all these small things are quite long as you end up married to the one man you love more than anything. And for me... this nearly didn't happen! Here's how my day began....

So on the 07/09/13 I woke after sleeping for 7 hours solid (very rare I know, but I was exhausted from a whole week of wedding prep, which included making 90 cupcakes the day before! ) My amazing bridesmaids Becky and Rachael insisted I had a glass of bubbly whilst I took a bath.

The morning was going smoothly and on time. We were staying at Griffon Forest log cabins, York, which are located next to my venue, Sandburn Hall. The cabins are spaced far apart and with absolutely no phone signal, it's quite difficult to communicate with the rest of the wedding party. So we were back and forth getting our hair and makeup done in one cabin and were to get dressed in my cabin.

I left an hour to do my own make-up after having my amazing hair done by my friend Lynsey. Although in this time I didn't plan for interruptions such as questions being asked and my lovely gift from my Husband 'to be' arriving. This delayed me slightly.

With hair and make-up done I then raced to the venue, by car with bridesmaids and parents in tow, to dress the tables. I had handmade practically everything for the day so wanted it to look perfect right to the last finishing touches.

I left the venue at 12.15pm (still in my pjs) and some of my guests were arriving.. arrghhhh. I still believed I had plenty of time though as we weren't to be married until 1.30pm..... or so I thought...

When we got back to my cabin all we had to do was get dressed.. myself, 4 bridesmaids and 4 flower girls. It got to 12.55pm and we were just starting to get dressed (cutting it fine, but a bride is allowed to be a little late surely?)

Then suddenly my wedding coordinator comes bursting into the cabin... "Stacey your wedding is booked for 1pm not 1.30pm! We need to get you there NOW. The Registrars have another wedding to do and need to leave on time. If you don't go now, they can't marry you today!!"

...So this is when the calm, happy, organised bride I had practised being all morning fell apart! I started to cry a little and the panic set in.. no one was dressed, my flower girls weren't even in my cabin, my mum and dad in a different cabin and I hadn't given my jewellery gifts out or taken stickers off shoes yet! Why hadn't I done these small things the night before?

So we frantically got ready, the wedding coordinator helping me 'boob tape' my dress to me, my maids ripping open presents and sticking slides in their hair wherever they'd fit! When the kids did get there they were stressed and crying too. I had to be rushed into a very unattractive car (Who knows whos it was, but it wasn't my dads freshly polished, wedding pimped Golf).

Then we raced past mum and dads cabin to collect dad, leaving mum upset and wondering what was going on.

All the way there I was being very dramatic and insisting "I'm not getting married without my mum and bridesmaids!! It's not happening so there's no point rushing" it was like something out of a film. All the while my amazing photographer Chris kept snapping away in the car to make sure he made the most of the situation.

We arrived at the venue at 1.20pm quickly followed by my mum, brothers, and my bridesmaids...whose method of transport were golf buggies sent by the venue. As soon as i saw my sister in law Holly race round the corner with a terrified looking niece in the passenger side of the buggy.....I laughed.

I stopped stressing, everyone was there. I thought 'it is what it is' and as long as I'm married at the end of the day... I don't care about anything else now... I knew I would laugh about it someday.

It still makes me feel slightly sick to think about how I felt that morning and the fact that I missed those precious moments with my mum and dad before they were to give me away. But it's a story to tell and apart from that, the day was perfect. The weather, the people, the venue. Better than I ever imagined. I planned every last detail to perfection.... and then got the bloody time of the wedding wrong!

Luckily no guests noticed any different and some still don't know... until now..... :D

Jan 12 2015 06:41PM by Jean. Steel

What a lovely blog main thing is Stacey you got there xxxxxxx

Jan 12 2015 08:06PM by Krista

I loved reading this, was actually holding my breath in fear of you not arriving on time...... True love conquers all in the end even the clock xx

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